“5 Finger Introduction and the Networking Game Plan” with Cathy Delhanty

Our room was so packed with eager listeners during our last workshop on August 30, 2018, that we had to scramble to find more chairs from the neighboring rooms! All thanks to our wonderful speaker Cathy Delhanty and her “5 Finger Introduction and the Networking Game Plan” masterclass, everyone left with new knowledge on what it takes to customize and tailor your own network for better networking success. We hope to see you and Cathy back again at our future workshops! Below is an overview of Cathy’s presentation, for those that may have missed it:

 The 5 Finger Introduction:

  •  What I like
  •  The direction I am going
  •  What I really don’t like or want to fix
  •  How you can trust me
  •  How I want to be remembered

What contacts and information do you want to achieve your goals? What job do you want, who do you want to know you, who do you want to benefit from you, who do you want to be visible to and what do you want to be known for? By asking yourself these questions, your ideal outcome can be visualized with an end in mind, tailored specifically to you.

 “A Game Plan is a strategy worked out in advance, especially in sport, politics, or business.”

Since 2011, Cathy Delhanty has been teaching engineers, entrepreneurs, and technical people how to improve their business networking skills. After years of honing advanced networking techniques as a key business advantage and watching others struggle with business networking, she has developed a networking process called The Networking Workshop. Cathy lectures at top universities, major corporations, and business incubators across Europe. She is a volunteer at UNICEF and Volunteer The Hague. Don’t forget to ask her about her new charity, The Wool for Warmth Challenge, knitting hats and scarves for homeless people in The Netherlands.

Again, a huge thank you to Cathy Delhanty for connecting so well with her audience, and giving powerful advice on creating your own custom network. If you would like to contact Cathy with any other questions/inquiries, or compliment her with her fabulous presentation, email her at