"What can YOU do? Take back control!" with Zuzana Bubalova

For our previous workshop on September 13, 2018, we closed the walls for an even cozier atmosphere as Zuzana Bubalova enlightened us all about one’s physical and mental health as an international living abroad, and how to healthily handle the many challenges that come from an expat life. A thousand thank-yous to Zuzana’s “What can YOU do? Take back control!” workshop, filled with personal stories and expert knowledge that resonated in one way or another with her international audience. Thanks to you, we all left feeling much more secure about our overall happiness and well-being. For those unable to attend, below is a recap of Zuzana’s presentation:

It is the quality of relationships, not the quantity, that matter in a person’s lifetime happiness. To keep a relationship healthy, it is crucial to invest your time and energy on your own well-being, physical and mental. Your relationships are your support system in a new country, so it is important to share activities both indoors and outdoors for a healthier brain.

EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique, designed to combat stress, anxiety and various illnesses. It is based on Chinese acupuncture and contemporary psychology. The latest research has shown that when we tap on certain points we send a signal through our nervous system to our amygdala, balance is renewed in your nervous system. This helps to clear out disturbances and establish new, healthier emotional responses.

“Where you put your time and energy, matters.”

Zuzana Bubalova’s company Massage Sense has held and continues to hold the Number 1 place in the Spa and Wellness in the Hague on Tripadvisor for the past 8 years. Combining her earlier experiences as a manual therapist with a degree in Psychology at the Open University, Zuzana has developed specialized programs within her company that adopt and emphasize the interaction and intertwining relationship of the physical and mental dimensions of human beings. She is a teacher and mentor that conducts workshops in homage to her philosophy that aids in helping people learn skills to build their well-being and personal relationships.

Thank you again to Zuzana Bubalova for sharing her empowering insights, wisdom, and strong connection to her listeners. If you would like to contact Zuzana with any questions, compliments, and/or to learn more about her company Massage Sense, email her at We can’t wait to hear more from her in the future, and to experience an amazing massage!