"Maximize Your Talents for a Successful Career" with Astrid Spanjaardt

Did you learn as much as we did? Today’s workshop “Maximize your talents for a successful career” with Astrid Spanjaardt was so practical, informative and interesting – we can’t wait to start applying all of her career knowledge and personality insights into our own lives.  Thank you so much Astrid for your valuable insights. Every person in the room really took something so important home with them, and we cannot thank you enough! We received so much positive feedback, as this truly is a topic beneficial for everyone no matter their background or profession. In case you have missed Astrid’s presentation, below is a recap of the workshop:

Talents are not the same as skills or competencies. Talents are what comes natural to you--what you love and almost seems effortless. Competences are agreements about which behavior you have to show in order to be successful in a career, and also what we see of people; their behavior. Focus on your strengths and what you do have, not your weaknesses. As you get older, you will become better at the things you’re already good at because…you enjoy it!

How to use your talents and get the most out of your career:

Believe in your talents
Clarify what your strengths are
Stop the activities that don’t give you good energy and stand in the way of doing what your love
Free up your strengths and use them
Tell your coworkers, boss, spouse, and the world what your strengths are
Make a habit of using and expressing them, evaluate, train and use them again

Astrid Spanjaardt is a business coach/trainer and company advisor of Astrid Spanjaardt Coaching. Her mission in life is to help people in their happiness at work. By working with what is present, and not what is absent, she helps employees and volunteers build their dream career, and managers to manage in a social and talent-oriented way. Astrid believes in encouragement and motivation and is inspired by seeing how people take control of their own choices.

Again, endless thank-yous to Astrid for her life-changing knowledge, perspectives and professional experience with us. If you would like to contract Astrid for any questions (and compliments!) send her an email at here!