"From Stress to Success" with Stephanie Osunwokeh

2018 was a power-year for Volunteer The Hague. We were able to help hundreds of internationals find volunteering positions around the Hague area, connect them to other expats and nonprofits, and provide amazing workshops filled with practical information to aid them with their career, family, personal growth and new life in The Netherlands. To wrap up our last Workshop of 2018, Stephanie Osunwokeh of KIES Company taught us all about how to de-stress our lives whether it be career-related or something else. The room was packed and Stephanie gave an interactive and experienced presentation to all eager listeners and everyone left with a greater sense of what they need to do to tackle their own questions. Below is a short recap of Stephanie’s presentation:

Chang your mindset. If not now, then when will you achieve your dreams? Divide over three lists what you need to do, what you don’t need to do, and what you need to do for someone else. This will help you prioritize your goals and push away the stresses in your life that only give you more anxiety. Structure this to prevent a relapse, and even though your schedule may be busy, be sure to schedule in relaxing moments. This could be in a conventional form like a warm bath or cup of tea, but can also be through your hobbies.

Understand that your stress does not define you and that you are not alone. Ask for help if you need it and be open to those that wish to help you. If you would like to talk to Stephanie Osunwokeh more about stress and what she can do for you, be sure to email her at Thank you all for coming and endless thanks to Stephanie for her presentation!

From working as a secretary for over 14 years, Stephanie Osunwokeh was exposed to many managers, colleagues and friends struggling with calendars and their work/life balance. After experiencing firsthand what burnout is, through recovery learned that more needs to be done than just managing calendars for a healthy and productive life. As a mother and entrepreneur, Stephanie has experienced many difficult aspects in her career and family life, and aims to help others do the same. She has given many workshops in the past to help other entrepreneurs struggling to keep everything going, and to achieve their own “silent dream.”