PEP (Participatie Emancipatie Professionals) is the knowledge and expertise centre for the promotion of emancipation in The Hague.

PEP's goal is to further all forms of participation and emancipation in the city of The Hague. PEP invites committed citizens, volunteers, organisations and professionals alike to seek each other out, connect and strenghten one another.  

To implement this goal PEP runs a couple of websites:

  • - website for volunteer work 
  • - English language website for volunteer work
  • - website for volunteer internship    

(Potential) volunteers, informal caregivers and organisations in The Hague may use these websites. To be able to do this they must provide some personal information.  

PEP thinks it very important that this information is handled with the utmost care. The information from (potential) volunteers, informal caregivers and organisations is being carefully processed and protected. With this PEP complies with the Law Protection Personal Data (Wbp) and in doing so is responsible for a correct handling of the information given.  

In this privacy statement PEP explains what information exactly is being collected and used and to what end. PEP advises you to read this privacy statement carefully.  

1. Type of information and purpose of collection, storing and use   PEP only collects, stores and uses the (personal) data given to PEP directly by (potential) volunteers, informal caregivers and organisations. The (potential) volunteers, informal caregivers and organisations have agreed, by giving this information to PEP, that PEP collects, stores and uses said information.  

We collect, store and use the following data for the purposes mentioned hereafter:  

(Potential) volunteers (on  
Data: name, address, place of residence, gender, date of birth, telephone number, e-mailaddress, preferences and skills (education, skills, type of volunteer work/volunteer internship/on-the-job training, sector and targetgroup, availability, motivation).  


  • efficient matching with volunteer opportunities; 
  • reports on results from; 
  • sending newsletters (if you have indicated your interest in receiving these); 
  • e-mailservice/jobalert (if you have signed on to this), in order to receive the latest, suitable     volunteer opportunities automatically by e-mail; 
  • 'findability' by organisations (if you have agreed to be included in the candidates database); 
  • 'findability' by intermediaries (if you have agreed to be included in the candidates database); 
  • sending the PEP-magazine (PEP voor iedereen) by mail or digitally (in Dutch only); 
  • sending the Discountcard (not available yet for internationals to request via website).    

Informal caregivers  
Data: name, address, place of residence, gender, date of birth, telephone number, e-mailaddress, digital newsletter (yes/no), (digital) magazine PEP voor iedereen (yes/no).  


  • sending the Discountcard; 
  • sending newsletters (if you have indicated your interest in receiving these); 
  • sending the PEP-magazine (PEP voor iedereen) by mail or digitally;
  • to extend validity of your registration    

Data: contact organisation (name, telephone number, e-mailaddress, function).

Organisational data: name, address, telephone number, e-mailaddress, mission and vision, core activity, target group, type of organisation (area of operation, sector), number of employees, number of volunteers, additional data that may be relevant to (potential) volunteers (e.g. good volunteer policy).  


  • to assess if the organisation conforms to the standards of being allowed to make use of Volunteer The Hague; 
  • to give out organisational information to (potential) volunteers, for them to be able to apply to volunteer opportunities; 
  • draw up reports on the results of; 
  • sending newsletters (if the organisation has indicated their interest in receiving these); 
  • matching (potential) volunteers with volunteer opportunities and organisations; 
  • providing intermediaries with the necessary information to match volunteers with volunteer opportunities.    

Right of inspection, correction, blocking and/or deletion  
You have the right to inspect, correct, block or delete your (personal) information at all times. You can manage said information by logging in. Should any problems arise, please contact our service desk Volunteer The Hague ( or tel. 070-402 44 19).  

2. Storage of information  
All (personal) data is being stored in the database of the appropriate PEP websites (,, These databases are protected. The databases are only accessible to PEP employees, intermediaries and coordinators from the Service Centres in The Hague. PEP Employees, intermediaries and coordinators from the Service Centres who have access, have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

3. Data protection
PEP has taken the following technical and organisational measures to ensure the protection of personal information against unauthorized or unlawful use and/or unwanted loss, change, publication or viewing and against unintentional or unlawful destruction or damage:  

Access to the database of, and is only possible with the help of a log-in account. This is only provided to those who have signed a confidentiality agreemeent. At the locations of the Service Centres the responsability rests with the professional coordinator in charge.  

The websites,, and are being managed by PEP and Connect Holland.  

Connect Holland too must comply to the legal requirements of the Law Protection Personal Data. PEP has ascertained that Connect Holland has taken sufficient measures regarding technical and organizational protection and meets the highest standards regarding the protection of personal data. PEP periodically checks whether or not Connect Holland continues to comply to the highest standards regarding the protection of personal data.  

4. Retention period data  
PEP retains (personal) information until two years after the date of registration at the latest, unless a longer period of retention is necessary due to legal obligations.  

If someone has not logged in to his/her account in four months, PEP actively asks that person whether or not he/she still wants to be included in the database. If not, the account with all data will be deleted. If that person wishes to remain in the database, the account will be extended with another four months. If again there has been no log-in for four months, PEP again asks if that person wishes to remain in the database.  

PEP, intermediaries and/or coordinators from Service Centres may delete personal information if a private person, volunteer, organisation or professional so requests.  

Private persons, volunteers, organisations and professionals may also delete their personal information themselves.  

5. Distribution to third parties  
PEP guarantees that she will not distribute (personal) information to third parties, sells or make available in any other way. Only if a legal requirement to do so exists, can PEP give out (personal) information to third parties.  

6. Objection against collection, storing and use of your (personal) information  
If you have any objections against the collection, storage and use of your (personal) information by PEP you can delete said information at any time and/or you can request PEP, an intermediary and/or coordinator from one of the Service Centres to delete the information. If you do not want to delete your (personal) information but has any other type of objection, you can make that objection known to the service desk of Volunteer The Hague through or call (070) 302 44 19.  

7. Changes in the privacy statement  
PEP retains the right to change this privacy statement at all times. It is advisable to consult this statement periodically to stay informed. You can always find the latest version of our privacy statement on our websites.  

8. Questions on privacy statement and/or inspection/change of data  
Should you have any questions on PEP's privacy policy and/or inspection and change (or deletion) of your personal information, you can contact PEP's service desk at any time through

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