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No specific target group

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1E Sweelinkstraat 16, 2517 GC The Hague


City center

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0 year

Spanda Foundation is looking for

Communication & Marketing Officer

Volunteer workTemporarily

Function description

This position provides strategic and technical leadership for the critical communications and membership functions at Spanda:
Developing and delivering our global communications strategy;
External positioning of Spanda and the industry, including branding and messaging;
Identifying, managing and mitigating reputational risks; and
Ensuring effective member recruitment, engagement, and retention.

The Officer is expected to demonstrate the ability to think strategically and creatively, communicate effectively, and lead the drive for strong communication and membership results. This is an ideal position for a change agent who is looking to make a valuable contribution to poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Number of hours per week

16 hours


Management and organization, Communication

Minimal level of education

Academic, High school

Required skills

Practical, Analyse, Thinking, Creative, Organising

Soort begeleiding

Individual guidance

Maximum group size

0 personen

Organization details

Name organization

Spanda Foundation

Street and housenumber

1e Sweelinckstraat 16

Zipcode and city

2517 GC Den Haag


Social organization


The Spanda Foundation has a cross-cultural goal, aiming to a better understanding among people through a deeper knowledge of their mutual cultures, ideas, traditions, faiths and beliefs in a dialogue intended to stimulate cultural diversity. At the heart of this mission is an aspiration to contribute to the achievement of a higher state of consciousness. Spanda is particularly interested in projects that encourage freedom of inquiry, imagination, insight, creativity and expression. Spanda is active in promoting individual and collective development, culture,
education, health, the environment, microfinance, scientific initiatives and projects that add social value by fostering creative solutions and strategic resources and that, by serving the common good, may advance human progress and enrich communities towards a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

Core activity

Spanda, as independent facilitator between the official public bodies, the academic world and the cultural and scientific fields, seeks to achieve its aims by means of research; by publishing studies, organizing and promoting cultural events, courses and training programs, and by distributing educational content; by providing information, comprehensive training, equipment, consultations, and exhibition opportunities to independent and public cultural and scientific operators; by awarding grants, prizes and scholarships; by fostering the preparation of essential human, academic, professional and scientific resources and expertise for the highest quality of professional performance; by gathering and disseminating accurate information through catalogues, databases, journals, photographic archives, publications, and other compendia; by sharing of expertise, direct exchange of research and experience through conferences, symposia, seminars and other professional meetings; by maintaining a library and documentation centre, and all other activities, endeavours, ventures and undertakings, none excluded, consistent with its institutional aim and deemed useful to its achievement. The Foundation acts in an advisory capacity to governments, parliaments and social organizations.

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Sahlan Momo



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