Vacancy Packaging and Sorting Volunteer Vegetable & Fruit Team for the Food Bank

Target group


Vacancy number



ABC Westland 140, 2685 DB Poeldijk


Outside The Hague

Places available


Minimum age

18 year

Organization features

  • Volunteer policy
  • Expense allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Volunteer insurance
  • Weelchair accessible
  • Offers guidance to volunteers

Groente- en Fruitbrigade voor Voedselbanken Nederland is looking for

Packaging and Sorting Volunteer (m/f)

Volunteer workPermanent

Function description

Our mission: more vegetables and fruit for our food bank customers. Will you help us sort and package veggies and fruit at the ABC premises in Poeldijk?

You will work closely with your packaging and sorting colleagues, coordinators, dispatchers and HR.

Job content:
• Sorting of vegetables and fruit and check its quality.
• Prepare vegetables and fruit for transport.
• Distribute the food over several distribution centres.

You are:
• motivated;
• reliable;
• able to work under limited supervision;
• a team player who likes working in a socially divers group of people;
• flexible.

Work hours:
• Approx. 8 hours per week
• Work hours to be mutually agreed upon

• Established in July 2018.
• Location: ABC premises in Poeldijk
• Non profit organisation (expenses will be reimbursed).

Information about our organisation:
The food banks help the impoverished by temporarily providing them with food packages. In order to establish those, we work together with companies, (non profit) organisations, governmental organisations and private organisations. As such we prevent poverty and food waste leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

Voedselbanken Nederland aims at providing healthier and more varied food packages. With that in mind, Voedselbanken Nederland has established the Vegetables & Fruit Team in the Westland. At its assembly point, we aim at processing (sorting, repackaging and distributing) big(ger) amounts of vegetables and fruit. Initially, for the area surrounding the Westland but ultimately also at a national level, providing all food banks in The Netherlands with more vegetables and fruit.

For more information, please e-mail Cor through the website:

Number of hours per week

8 hours


Chores, Manufacturing

Minimal level of education

High school, Primary school, Unschooled

Required skills

Practical, Working methodically, Collaborating

Organization details

Name organization

Groente- en Fruitbrigade voor Voedselbanken Nederland

Street and housenumber

ABC Westland 242 A1

Zipcode and city

2685 DC Poeldijk


Social organization


De ‘Groente en Fruitbrigade’ is located at ABC Westland, Poeldijk. The vegetables and fruit comes directly from the growers in the Westland. It will otherwise be thrown out, despite the fact that the quality is excellent. Each Tuesday morning we sort and prepare the vegetables and fruit for transport to the 11 distribution centres of Voedselbank Nederland. From there the veggies and fruits are added to the food packages and distributed.

Core activity

Providing a steady supply of vegetables and fruit to Voedselbanken Nederland.

Contact details


Wilja Krikke



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