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Volunteer The Hague announces a series of workshops


Volunteer The Hague recently turned three. As we complete three years of our existence, we want you to know that we are moving from strength to strength. We recently received funding from the Municipality of The Hague for calendar year 2018 to enable us to serve you better. We believe volunteering is as noble as practical, in terms of leveraging the skills that people have. While the volunteer gets a chance to use their existing skills, a non-profit that requires those skills gets a volunteer that can match their requirement.  As it is with every profession, we unders...

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Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands needs your help with a survey


Decisio is conducting research for the Ministry of Education (and also for Municipality of The Hague) on barriers for...

Volunteer The Hague announces its partnership with The Hague International Network


In this era of strategic partnerships, we understand the importance of relevant and reliable partners who strengthen ...

Haagse Wereld Hapjes


At the food festival you can already enjoy a preview of Tapisco, the Spanish-Portuguese restaurant by top chef Marcel...

Fête de la Nature in The Hague


The great thing about Fête de la Nature is that you can celebrate nature in your own way. Everyone can organise some...